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Rented out for  22.800 USD per year (gross = net effect )


Whether it’s as an old-age provision or as an investment: The US real estate market is still an insider tip for fulfilling the American dream!

Are you thinking of

  • Investing your money in a crisis-proof, profitable and at the same time low-risk manner in the US? 

  • Building up and extending your fortune in the US?

  • Owning or renting out one or even several vacation homes or tenements in the US?

  • Laying the cornerstone of your financial freedom in the US? 

"Think Big" still applies to the land of opportunity: In the USA, there are safe and at the same time more progressive financing options for investors from abroad when it comes down to acquiring US real estate.

Connect your desire for the house of your dreams with a solid investment in golden concrete – it is easier than you might think and it is also feasible right here from Germany without any great efforts and without having the US nationality!

Managing Partner &


A financial investment in the USA has the advantage that you are “securing” your money: from inflation in the Euro, a Euro crash – or simply in order to spread the risks.

A US property is also well suited to be a solid financial investment and/or gift to your inheritors, because real estate up to 2 million USD is exempt from estate tax.  Moreover, the constructing of multiple properties, or rather, the establishment of a trust for your estate is also possible.

This is especially optimal for wealth accumulation by attaining a respectable yield. This way your American lessees work for you and can, for example, pay off your (German) credit. Apropos: as a foreign national investor you are eligible to obtain a foreign national mortgage to fund your property - it is very simple. 


Finally, you pay a lot less income tax in the USA.


Investing money abroad is not a new idea.

Combining financial investments abroad with investing in golden concrete in order to have your money working for you is smart. More good arguments for that can be found quickly.

Luftaufnahme Boot

Knowledge about chances & options is the key to success.

The possibilities offered by the US market are incomparable when it comes down to acquiring real estate. You can also participate without being an American – learn how. Invest also without traveling stateside!

PM Associates

We want to introduce ourselves to you.

You will get to know what made us go stateside and how we have grown. We will inform you about our experiences and we want to give you an impression of who we are and what we can do for you.

Dienstleistung zur Geldanlage in en USA

Feel free to profit from our experiences.

We are well-versed with respect to all the issues regarding real estate investments in the USA. And we prefer helping in word and deed in order to establish a long-term business relationship during which you can continually build up your fortune.


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