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Financing real estate in the USA

Let Your Dreams Come True!


Preconditions for a US loan

In order to apply for funding stateside, you will need the same documents as in Germany:

  • Passport / identity card

  • Bank account (in your home country)

  • Evidence on regular income during the last two years, e. g., through evidence of your salary

  • Evidence on existing capital, e. g, through bank statements, insurances

  • Evidence on your living situation (rent / ownership), e. g., through bank statements

  • Evidence on your available equity capital, e. g., through bank statements

Depending on your ideas regarding the loan (amount, credit period and other modalities),

the lender can demand other documents as well.

The more inexpensive the loan and the credit conditions, the longer the process will take

and the more documentation will be required. On average, the loan process will take 30 days –
and after that, you will own real estate in America!

As a matter of principle, all interested foreign parties may acquire real estate in the USA, regardless
of whether they are self-employed, 
pensioners / retirees or even unemployed persons with monthly income.

A residence permit (visa), a green card or the US nationality is not required.

Besides, you needn’t travel to America. Processing is possible from Germany.

US loans and lending products

On top of the requirements on the investor, real estate loans in the United States are, above all,
oriented toward the interests pursued through real estate ownership.
The following parameters are important in order to select the appropriate lending product for you:

  • Type of real estate: residential or business property

  • Type of real estate: single-family or multi-family houses, townhomes, manufactured, apartments / condos

  • Reason for real estate financing: owner occupation (second home, business address), investment / for renting
    out (vacation home, long-term rental property), commerce (speculation, short-term financial investment)

  • Location of the real property: state, district


The amount of equity capital intended for use is also essential. Therefore, you ought to know approximately the
price range of your real property. Financing 70% of the value of the real property is ideal.


We recommend that you already get in touch with us early on and prepare the funding inquiry for free and in a
non-binding manner. Then, you will receive a free offer including “pre-approval” and after that, you can shop
around for your home. This means that you or we can get in touch with real estate sellers and you can legitimize
yourself as a serious buyer. If both sides are interested, you can reserve your real property right away through
a contract – and we recommend that you have a home inspector check it out after that.

Besides, investors have the option of taking out loans which encompass solely the payment of the loan interest
(without repayment of the loan amount) per month; the entire loan amount will become due at the end of the
credit period, for example, after 1-3 years.

For equity capital amounting to 100,000 EUR

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Would you like an individual and non-binding consultation?

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