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Your road to America

Lay the cornerstone of your fortune in the land of opportunity!

We are there for you

Those who don’t put up with barriers won’t be limited by them.

Whether you are setting out to acquire your own property in America, applying for a visa,
or would like to open an American bank account, we offer a variety of services readily available to you. 


Our partnership specializes in consulting and implementing real estate projects in the United States:

  • Our discussion with you about your goals and expectations, as well as about your overall objective, is a free consultative service - regardless of whether you need 15 minutes or 2 hours.

  • After you have gone over the options, and know all the pros and cons, you decide how you want to proceed. You are completely unrestricted in your decision, if and when you decide to achieve your American plan with us.  

  • Once you decide to implement our services, we usually negotiate a flat-rate fee upfront.  This is to protect you from any unpleasant surprises.
    course you will only ever pay us if we are successful. 

Direct purchase
We support you in the direct buying of your real estate.
We support you with a loan or mortgage in the USA for a US property.
Other investment options
We support you with further investment options surrounding US real estate.
We connect you with a direct contact person in America (with a focus on Florida and the East Coast).
We support you to apply for a visa.
American bank account
We support you to apply for an American bank account.
Worldwide money transfers
You like to send money or get paid in foreign currencies? We help you to safe costs.
American driver's license
We support you to apply for the driver's license (depend on the state).
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