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ETAAN turns your software
into a bullet-proof
'hardware in the field of
secure data transfer'! 

In the era of data thieves, hackers and competitors, the secure transmission of particular personal data is only the tip of the iceberg: All companies, agencies and governments benefit from secure transmission of highly-confidential, top-secret data, and copyright-protected attachments – as do all private individuals.




ETAAN is extraordinary unique worldwide


ETAAN neither hosts, collects nor shares your data!

ETAAN is a German software product whose very essence is privacy protection.

Our aim is to enable you to transmit all your data with total security. We do not collaborate with anyone for the purpose of collecting, selling, sharing or using your data – which makes ETAAN entirely unique in the global market (as of July 1, 2016).









Our competitors mainly focus on the system level, involving the use of encryption methods such as AES or SSL; alternatively, their focus may be on the web portal level, on the basis of user rights management (e.g. Snapchat).

Note that while AT&T can destroy e-mails via its "Burn Note" application, it nevertheless does not provide the means to destroy attachments.

Other methods, such as Blackberry’s WatchDox, work by tracking how the data is used, and by tracking the recipient (and any other users) in terms of their geographical location...

All other secure data transfer software products use espionage-friendly terms of reference / license agreements which permit "Big Brother" to watch you at any time, as typified by:


The BLACKBERRY SOLUTION LICENSE AGREEMENT© – aka "Big Brother is watching you!"

24 (i) International Transfers.
You consent and agree that to provide the BlackBerry Solution and the RIM Services (including “cloud based” and remote access, storage or back-up functionality), RIM Group of Companies may Process data, which may in some cases include personal information and the content of communications, on servers operated by or on behalf of RIM Group of Companies inside or outside the jurisdiction in which Users are situated, including, in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore or other countries where there are facilities operated by or on behalf of RIM Group of Companies. If Users are residents of the European Economic Area or any jurisdiction for which consent is required to transfer personal information outside of that jurisdiction or region, You consent to such Processingand warrant that You have obtained all consents necessary under applicable law from Your Users to do so.


25. User Data.

In addition to any disclosures authorized by Section 24, You and Your Authorised Users consent and agree that the RIM Group of Companies may access, preserve, and disclose Your or Your Authorised Users' data, including personal information, contents of your communication or information about the use of Your BlackBerry Solution functionality and the services or software and hardware utilized in conjunction with Your BlackBerry Solution where available to RIM ("User Data"), to third parties, including foreign or domestic government entities, without providing notice to You or Your Authorized Users under the laws of countries where the RIM Group of Companies and its service providers, other partners and affiliates are located in order to: (i) comply with legal process or enforceable governmental request, or as otherwise required by law; (ii) cooperate with third parties in investigating acts in violation of this Agreement; or (iii) cooperate with system administrators at Internet service providers, networks or computing facilities in order to enforce this Agreement. You warrant that You have obtained all consents necessary under applicable law from Your Authorised Users to disclose User Data to the RIM Group of Companies and for the RIM Group of Companies to collect, use, process, transmit, and/or disclose such User Data as described above.



What constitutes the revolutionary ETAAN method that we are convinced is unique?

The solution lies in the interplay of three principles that facilitate a worldwide unique data transmission (e.g. by e-mail, bluetooth, memory card, sms). The encryption technology is currently pending a patent.

1. The evolution: No collection of personal data


True to the principle, no personal data is collected - neither during installation nor in the utilization of ETAAN.

Any name (nickname) and an e-mail address are required for the installation process. Even the e-mail address is saved as a hash value and cannot be read by the administrators as it is in clear text. The user remains anonymous. The address book contacts are not saved on the server either, but saved locally, if desired. In addition, the contacts can be imported and exported via csv/vcf. The sender specifies the recipient of the e-mail with or without attachments. The only requirement is that the recipient has also installed ETAAN.


2. The revolution: Absolute anonymity combined with security during data transmission


The sender then stipulates which rights the recipient has to the file sent (save, print), how often, and also for how long the file attachment can be opened. In addition, the dates for these rights can be set up through the ETAAN-Viewer. When the date arrives, the key is deleted on the ETAAN server, and the recipient is denied access with immediate effect – which is irrevocable. Furthermore, how often the recipient can view the file in the ETAAN Viewer can be set. If all permitted attempts have been exhausted, further access will be denied.

Last but not least, the length of time the recipient can view the file each time it is opened can be set, which puts a limit on their access and prevents files being kept open unnecessarily too long. The principle of anonymity remains in place during transmission, as well.

No user data is collected or saved on the server when sending e-mails.

The only thing saved on the ETAAN server are the keys necessary for encryption. After ETAAN has encrypted the data, an individual file format with the suffix “jit” is created for it. Only ETAAN can interpret and resolve this format. The data subsequently encrypted with AES 256 bit can be transmitted directly via ETAAN via SMTP servers (optionally, the files can also be transmitted e.g. via a USB stick or a Cloud server).


3. The innovation: Data destruction at the press of a button


With ETAAN, the sender maintains the rights of use of the data he has sent - even after sending it. If the file that has already been sent has to be subsequently deleted, it can be done at any time through the integrated destruction function. It does not matter whether the recipient has already opened the e-mail or not, the key to the data sent is destroyed, and this is irrevocable, thus making the file useless. This happens immediately after the sender has selected the corresponding file from the list view and executed the destruction function. This innovative technology is currently pending a patent.


ETAAN is ready for take-off! 

We are looking for a reseller, owner or operator 

The intention is to sell the ETAAN software as a unique, patented medium of secured data transfer. This puts the buyer in the position to offer or operate ETAAN as both: an Intranet and an Internet solution.

For further information like technical specs, please do contact us via contact@pm.associates or use our registration link below.


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